About Us

The Asia Pacific Payroll Association (APPA) serves as a valuable resource hub for payroll professionals operating across the dynamic Asia Pacific region and its constituent markets. APPA aims to support payroll leaders and practitioners at both regional and domestic levels through comprehensive information services, engaging networking opportunities, and targeted professional development offerings.

As an APPA member, you gain access to a wealth of regularly updated payroll data, regulatory guides, industry best practices, and technical manuals to assist with navigating the complexities of multi-country compensation compliance. The association also organizes flagship conferences as well as year-round webinars and roundtable briefings in major business hubs, giving you the chance to learn from peers, forge relationships, and stay abreast of the latest payroll thinking. Furthermore, APPA provides personalized training courses and consulting aid to help strengthen your payroll management capabilities and address any operational challenges.

Whether you need region-wide payroll insights or country-specific payroll advice, APPA membership connects you with a powerful support system of expertise to fuel your success in this dynamic field.